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Life often rushes by before you even notice. I found myself deeply immersed in the daily whirlwind of being a mother, wife, business owner, dog parent, and friend, all while managing a major renovation on our new home while temporarily living in a rental property. Meanwhile, storage units brimmed with belongings from our old house. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. These are, undoubtedly, the kind of challenges one should be grateful for, and my family and I truly are blessed.

Approaching my birthday week, my husband, Scott, surprised me with news of a getaway. Naturally, my mind wandered to visions of Europe—filled with shopping, elegant dinners, evening aperitifs, and catching up with friends. However, the reality was quite different. We were headed to a retreat in Malibu, California - a complete break from the digital world fully unplugged.

Morning hikes, afternoon fitness classes, deep tissue massages, red light therapy and healthy, plant-based gluten and dairy free meals filled our active week. Wake up time was at 5:30 AM, and after our four hour long hikes we’d receive recovery foot therapy with flowers and epsom salt baths followed by a nap, which was totally needed. It was physically challenging but a completely nurturing environment. Guests were allowed to go at their own pace and were not made to feel bad about that choice. It was a week filled with challenge, no alcohol, healthy eating and resets. The Ranch was truly empowering and made me realize what our bodies are capable of, at any age.

The stunning interiors by Steven Gambrel made the stay feel extra calming and serene.

To read more about the retreat, check it out here.


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