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Team KPI had the privilege of spending last week out of the office, so to speak, on Nantucket. Our agenda was packed with an exciting combination of hard work, exploring, and experiencing island culture. We conducted a photo shoot for our most recently completed project on the isle, our Nantucket Town and Guest House project, and installed our Nantucket Compound project. This week was not only about achieving project milestones but also about enjoying the charm and culinary delights of Nantucket. Here’s a glimpse into our week…

Lights, Camera, Action...
After the ferry ride over we headed straight to our Nantucket Town and Guest House project for an initial walk-through with our photographer and stylist for the shoot the following day. It was great to revisit this project, as we haven't seen it in person for over a year, after its completion last Memorial Day. 

We were thrilled to have the talented photographer Matt Kisiday on board for our Nantucket Town and Guest House photoshoot. His keen eye and artistic flair were key in showcasing the charm of this project. The natural light on day one of the shoot allowed for awesome outdoor shots, specifically the trellis on the porch of the guest house and the back patio. We were so grateful we got these shots in, as it poured the next day. Nantucket is such a picturesque island, but it does have its unruly weather to grapple with. This project was not just a success in terms of renovation and design, but also with the beautiful photographs that Matt captured. Stay tuned to see the photos on our portfolio and socials soon!

Installation in Full Swing
While the photoshoot was happening, the other half of our team was diving deep into finishing up deliverables for our Woods Hole Haven Project. This was hard work but fun as we used my island in the kitchen as our office. After those were all handed in, our team turned our full attention to our Nantucket Compound installation on Friday. Our Nantucket Compound project reflects its coastal elegance, seamlessly integrating with the island’s natural beauty and coastline views. Our team worked diligently to install custom rugs, elegant fixtures, fun wallpaper, and fresh new furnishings for the family's arrival for the summer in a few weeks. Every detail was meticulously attended to, ensuring that our client's vision was realized to perfection.

The installation went seamlessly with the help of Eldredge & Bourne and Design as Needed. We watched new life get breathed into the home as we arranged the furniture, placed décor, and added the final touches of the signature KPI candle and Nantucket Captains' House coffee table book. 

Work Hard, Play Hard
After the long days of install and photoshoots, we took a well-deserved break to explore the island and indulge in its culinary offerings for dinner. Our first stop was Brotherhood of Thieves, where we enjoyed some of the best sushi on the island. The night before install, we fueled up by spending the evening at Le Languedoc Bistro, a local favorite, where we savored their famous martinis and delectable soufflé. These moments of team bonding were the perfect counterbalance to our busy days.

The week was a great blend of hard work, creativity, and enjoyment. The successful installation and photoshoot were made even more memorable by the island’s charm and the wonderful dining experiences we shared as a team. Looking forward to many more projects on the island!
Thank you for following our journey...

Party on,


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