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The Kitchen, Dining Room & Powder Room

The original roof and floor boards from the rear el were used to create beams in the hallways, and the new kitchen, and were used to panel a new powder room in the entry hallway.

The Kitchen before disassembly and during.

The new Kitchen addition with constructed beams of original material repurposed from the rear-el .

The new Powder Room which is fully clad (walls and ceiling) using the original sheathing from the rear-el.

To carry the history of the house’s occupants, a new captain's campaign style armoire frames the far wall of the new Kitchen. A custom campaign style built in armoire made to look like a captain’s desk to tie into the era and theme of the home.

Built-ins carry the similar shaker style of the wainscoting in the original rooms of the saltbox and finishes are historic colors mixed with brass to conjure images of sea faring habitants. The extra-long banquette seating in the dining area is made from old doors leftover on the property.

Original salvaged doors from the rear-el make up the seat and seat back of the banquette in the now Dining Room.

The new Dining Room with a custom banquette cushion and pillows for comfortable everyday use.

Restoring and capturing the glory of this original captain’s house, thoughtfully tying in a new addition, and repurposing original materials from the property, was a great challenge. We hope this demonstrates how, rather than gutting these old properties and striping them of their history, these beautiful homes can be revitalized with their historical context celebrated and restored.


Interior Design by Kristin Paton Interiors

Edited by Augusta Mayer

Photography by Read McKendree

Architect: Niche Architects and Gotham Notting Hill

General Contractor: Main Street Construction


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