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Kitchens are really the most important room in a home. They witness many happy family moments. Delicious meals are created, homework is over seen on kitchen islands, science projects concocted, birthday cakes decorated...It's the heart and soul of the house.

When we begin a construction project, we start with the layout and decor of the kitchen first. This sets the vibe and style for the rest of the project. Endless floor plans, elevations and renderings are created to make sure we capture the function of the space, which then evolves naturally into the overall feeling of the home - casual, playful, serious etc.

We removed the original walls that surrounded this kitchen to create an open plan galley and updated the appliances and layout.

The vibe of this royal blue galley kitchen kept this pied-a-terre young, casual and upbeat.

The moody blue island with a butcher block counter top contrasted nicely with sea foam green cabinets. The fish scale shaped tiles on the cooker wall backsplash added a fun finishing touch and made this space inviting and sophisticated.

The cabinets in this Nantucket Cottage kitchen were painted a pale gray to contrast against the white Shiplap walls and to coordinate with the washed Oak island.

What's your opinion on colorful kitchens? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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