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Having moved the KPI office from Cambridge to downtown Boston in 2023, Kristin currently resides in a temporary rental with her husband and sheepdog, Harry while their “Flat on The Hill” is being completed after a full gut-reno. She’s an upcoming resident to Beacon Hill, so here she notes some of her local favorites to buy in town.

1. "A designers bedside lineup… I am constantly reading several books at a time, my family thinks I am crazy. I love getting my books from Beacon Hill Bookstore & Cafe. It’s the cutest and most quaint bookstore I’ve ever been in, I can’t wait to live close by and pop in frequently..."

2. “When I’m in the mood for a cocktail, Grill 23 has THE best martinis because they’re icy cold. I love a Grey Goose vodka martini with olives. For a girly drink, I love their cosmo but I opt out for no cointreau (essentially a vodka cranberry, but in a martini glass because it’s sexier and why not?) All my friends know I love a glass of Veuve, too."

3. “We have to keep the man of the house happy... Harry loves these “Clam Chowdah” treats from Polkadog in the Seaport.”
$11 Polkadog Bakery, Clam Chowdah Treats

4. “KPI headquarters is really close to Tatte, so the team is always popping out to grab caffeine day to day. They have really great lattes, matcha, black coffee and food too!”

5. “I was an avid runner back in the day, but now I find myself mostly walking to the office, walking the dog through the Public Garden and constantly exploring the city since it’s so walkable. I love these On Clouds I found at Heartbreak Hill Running Company in the South End. They're so supportive and really comfy.”

Happy exploring!


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