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Well, after a super-fast summer, the New England chill is back in the air with Halloween being celebrated in person once again. There seems to be a decor competition in my Cambridge neighborhood for the spookiest house - it’s nice to see this back on! It’s such a fun holiday for adults and kids...I'm even working on my own costume for Halloween in Provincetown (need to be on my game!)

We usually measure our KPI fall schedule by all the upcoming installations we have before the end of the year, but this seems to be “the year of The Delay” - much to our and our client's chagrin. As we all know, the supply chain is seriously compromised and lead times continue to falter. It's a frustrating time to work in the home improvement industry, but a "quality problem" as I say.
From Decor to Demolition... The original scope of our Charleston project was intended to be primarily decorative, with the addition of a simple kitchen, a newly configured master suite, and a fresh coat of paint throughout. Unfortunately, our clients detected mold behind the plaster and the project has turned into a full-blown construction site. During the unexpected demolition, the builders found the original kitchen house exterior wall (dated to the 1790s) that was attached to the living section of the house but hidden behind plaster. These kitchen houses were typical in homes of that period as they separated the heat and smells from the rest of the house. We are now working on how to incorporate this exposed brick wall into the already schemed design. As of now, our plan is to bring in a local decorative painter to create a moment on this stairwell with a nod to the historical significance of Charleston. Capturing the Coast... A few weeks ago we joined photographer Anton Grassl and Dewing Schmid Kearns Architects + Planners to photograph the interior and exterior details of our Coastal Home project. Anton focused on capturing the beautiful architecture, as well as the exterior landscape. Looking forward to sharing these images!

KPI Community Contributions... Team KPI is also looking forward to creating a holiday wreath for the Nantucket Historical Association this year. Christmas Stroll is back on for 2021 and the Whaling Museum is so wonderful at Christmas time, we're thrilled! Val Oliver's 2019 "VW Bug Christmas Tree" shows just how creative people get! The wreaths and trees will be on display at the museum starting at the end of November.

Scalloping the Day Away... During my spare moments of free time, I am still fitting in a few of my newly acquired COVID hobbies, including scalloping! Nantucket bay scallops served six ways and a new shell wreath… Who knew!


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