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This 1980’s style condo just steps away from Harvard University, required a bit of re-working. As this was to be a respite from college life, a sophisticated but comfortable vibe was created for this space. With the addition of an open concept first floor - equipped with a new kitchen and a floating steel staircase, the couple enjoys weekend visits with their collegiate children. Having previously renovated a unit in the same complex, we knew what needed to be done to make this space open and inviting. We gutted the condo, opened it up, and expanded. It’s meant to be easy and fun!

The biggest change was knocking out the wall between the living room and the stairs, and replacing the existing tunnel-like staircase. The new stairway is a glass-and-metal stunner, crafted by Modern Metal Solutions, that features floating steps backlit by LED bulbs.

Before photo, prior to renovation. After renovation. Open, airy and bright.

For this specific project we were on a tight deadline of four short and quick months. Because of this, we had to work with a similarly like-minded team to get the job done. We worked with Sea-Dar Construction, I always joke that Sam Hawkins, the project manager at the time, would call me and wake me up before my own dogs did because he was so equally minded in the sense that questions needed to be answered and decisions needed to be made in order to make the deadline happen.

This is always such a wonderful project for me to look back on because the clients were wonderful to work with, as well as Sea-Dar Construction. We all worked seamlessly together as a team to make the deadline we had promised the cleints.


Harvard Square, Cambridge MA Designer: Kristin Paton Interiors Architect: Niche Architecture and Interiors Builder: Sea-Dar Construction Photographer: Michael J. Lee


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