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The design of a wet bar space in a home is crucial... as it not only adds functionality but also serves as a focal point for entertaining guests, providing a stylish and convenient area for mixing up your favorite apéritif and socializing.

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite wet bars from past projects... Never the same bar twice!

Conceptualize: Define the ambiance of your wet bar. Will it exude a moody and modern vibe, do you want it on display, or a hidden approach, embrace traditional aesthetics, or embody contemporary elegance?

Now you see it...

Though Prohibition faded into history decades ago, a teetotaling mindset occasionally creeps in, prompting this project to conceal its spirits! Perhaps it's a nostalgic nod to the thrill of bootlegging and the allure of speakeasies... We just love this "hidden" wet bar closet from our Commonwealth Ave Brownstone Project. Have it on display when entertaining, close it up when it's not in use!

Color Scheme: Integrate the home bar seamlessly into its surroundings by selecting colors and materials that harmonize with the room's decor, or make a statement!

Illuminate: Illuminate the space effectively with a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Light up the room...

This custom walk-in wine room and illuminated onyx drinks bar from our Back Bay Flat project is a focal point of the room in our clients home where entertaining on the weekends is a must!

Storage Solutions: Ensure cohesion by coordinating cabinetry, shelving, and hardware with other elements of the room for a unified look.

Appliances: Equip the wet bar with essential appliances such as a beverage fridge, ice maker, a wine cooling system and utilize glass doors to showcase options. Display your wine collection elegantly with dedicated racks.

Sink and Faucet: Add personality to your wet bar with creative choices in sink colors and finishes.

Countertop and Backsplash: Elevate the visual appeal of your wet bar area by indulging in luxurious materials. Whether it's heavily-veined granite, dramatic marble, engineered quartz, or captivating tiled patterns, let these elements become the centerpiece of attention.

When you need a respite from work duties...

This wet bar, located on the third level office from our Contemporary Boston Pent House Project, is composed of custom cabinetry inspired by a cased good piece from Ralph Lauren Home. The niche itself is clad in Arebescato Bronzetto with a matching stone sink.

O Captain! My Captain!

This custom designed campaign style breakfront and drinks bar from our Nantucket Captains' House Project transitions seamlessly from the kitchen, to the outdoor patio. Above the bar sits handmade Nantucket baskets and antique wedgewood plates.

Coastal Home Project Wet Bar

We had extra fun when designing this space, incorporating Cape Cod's coastal seaside surroundings in a cheeky way with a nautical Pierre Frey roman shade and custom hand painted floor mural to mirror the design.



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