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The original floorboards of the Captains House had been patched with newer boards. We later replaced those with wide pine boards from the same period.

What is now the Family Room, in its original state before restoration.

The front parlor's paneled fireplace (now the Living Room), original shutters and rafters were all restored.

From top - the original Front Parlor paneling, fireplace, and Pumpkin Pine flooring, the restored version of the same view, and the restored original interior shutters, ceiling beam, and flooring.

In the family room, existing wainscoting was restored and enhanced further by adding additional wainscoting throughout the room. A makeshift closet addition, unkind to the period, was removed from the side of the fireplace and replaced with new built-in bookshelves that carried the same wainscoting.

Photo 1: Original room with an unkind closet and damaged mantle.
Photo 2: Damaged mantle and surround.
Photo 3: Mantle being restored to its former state.
Photo 4: Damaged stack post closet removal.

The fireplace and mantle, which had been cut off by the modern closet addition, was completed in its original design once the closet was removed.

A view of the completed fireplace and mantel, including restored beams using original fabric.

A window seat was restored and augmented with the same wainscot treatment.

The new Family Room window seat, on the left, displaying the same original wainscot treatment, on the right.

Second Floor:

On the second floor, a dormer was added to the rear of what was the original Main Bedroom to create a Master Suite. Original floor boards were restored in the Master Bed and Bath, and all beams and moldings were restored.

The Master Bedroom, and part of the new Master Bathroom to the left, before restoration.

The original adjoining bedroom that has since been converted into the Master Bathroom as part of the Master Suite. The concept of a window remained but was relocated to over the tub.

There was 6 inches of pitch in the Master Bedroom, reflecting the character of the house. The pitch was creatively offset with built-in closets and a window seat.

The original East wall before the addition of a custom window seat and built-in closets and before the pine floors were refinished.

The Attic

A previously unfinished attic was used to hide venting for HVAC and to create a “Crow's Nest” bunk room for younger deckhands. The original ladder to the widow's walk was repurposed.

Attic in its original condition. Reimagined as a “crew’s” quarter.

The New Addition:

The new addition incorporates many of the historic features found in the original saltbox recreated using original fabric from the disassembled rear-el to preserve the connectivity between the two sections of the structure. Transoms were added in the downstairs hallway, and Family Room, and wide plank floorboards ran throughout the addition.

Family Room with original transom, restored mantle, and refurbished beams.

All transoms throughout this structure were repaired and original doors were restored. Ceiling boards from the disassembled rear el were used to construct beams that mirrored those in the front parlor and that visually tied this original section of the house into the new structure.

Transition from original saltbox to the new addition was stitched together using features such as transom windows and beams from original fabric in the rear el.

The original roof and floor boards from the rear el were used to create beams in the hallways, and the new kitchen, and were used to panel a new powder room in the entry hallway.



Interior Design by Kristin Paton Interiors

Edited by Augusta Mayer

Photography by Read McKendree

Architect: Niche Architects and Gotham Notting Hill General Contractor: Main Street Construction

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