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KPI has seen another summer come and go before our eyes… We always think the summer months will allow for a slower pace in the office but that never seems to ring true. This season has been filled with trips to Nantucket, meetings, events, and photoshoots. After several trips to the island, we completed and shot our Nantucket Captain’s House project with photographer Read McKendree. We also began a new renovation and design project on the island as well. Kristin attended Nantucket by Design back in the beginning of August. It’s always nice to catch up and see industry friends, new and old, outside of the work environment! Gary McBournie and Bill Richards created such a magical and memorable evening under the stars in their own backyard with delicious food prepared by Lulu Powers.
Kristin enjoyed a wonderful leisure trip to Paris and Provence, France with her husband and some long time friends. A highlight was visiting the Chateau de Coste which has an incredible outdoor sculpture park and art installations scattered throughout the property. A highlight was revisiting Galifet for lunch and bike riding through the Epernay region.
Back in the city the team completed two installations, the "Heart of Boston" and our "Contemporary Boston Penthouse" project. We hope to have at least one of them photographed next Spring - stay tuned!
Although we will miss the scorching hot summer days, we can’t help but get a little excited for fall. We are excited to see what it has in store for us! We hope everyone had an eventful summer and thank you for following and supporting our work…
Cheers, Team KPI

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