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Our Charleston project - a charming 17th century home in the heart of the historic district - was meant to be a quick turnaround. A "quick ship" ready-made type kitchen and refresh of the bathrooms, combined with a bit of recovering some of the client's existing furniture with a few new finds. If all went according to plan, they would have been in before Christmas - but, as we know all too well, plans often go awry.

During discovery, the builders found damp materials and rot in the walls, which led to them having to strip back the plaster and lath. In doing so, they happened upon the original brick exterior wall that was most likely the original kitchen house.

Antique homes in Charleston of that period typically had a kitchen house that was used to separate the heat and humidity from the laundry and cooking from the main house. We decided to keep this piece of history and add it as a feature wall in our client's stair hallway.

With the help of a local decorative painter, we plan to enhance the brick wall's natural state by. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can lead to even better outcomes!


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