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In 2018, senior designer Becky Bratt and project coordinator Augusta Mayer participated in the Vaughan Designs exhibition to help raise awareness for Watts of Love - a global solar nonprofit that provides power to impoverished communities. 15 designers across the nation were selected to create a custom lampshade to adorn a Vaughan lamp of their choosing.

Becky and Augusta chose the Montana Sculptural table lamp for its abstract nature. From there, they selected a soft gray and white silky zig zag patterned fabric to cover a simple tapered drum shade. They liked the contrast of having a bold and somewhat masculine lamp juxtaposed with a subtly feminine yet equally striking fabric. As a finishing touch, they added a beaded tape trim around the base of the shade.

Their lamp, along with the 14 other designers' creations, were put on display at each Vaughan showroom across the country for the month of November. At the beginning of December, the lamps were auctioned off to raise money for the organization. Additionally, throughout the time these lamps were showcased, Vaughan donated $1 to Watt of Love each time the hashtags #vaughanXwattsoflove and #madeintheshade was used on social media. Along with getting recognition for the campaign through social media, Architectural Digest online also published an article highlighting the designers unique approaches as well as raising awareness for the cause.


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