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Just the thought of entertaining can be stressful enough, but it doesn’t have to be…

Back Bay Brownstone rooftop

Design your space with intention

Whether you’re using an interior design team or going at it yourself - make your space intentional. The family room is for entertaining, lounging and kicking back. The living room is made for evening cocktails while mingling with guests, the bedroom is a relaxation sanctuary for rest and sleep.

Back Bay Flat custom Onyx wet bar and wine cellar

Use experience as inspiration

My dining room from my Cambridge home was heavily inspired by one of my favorite restaurants, China Tang in the Dorchester Hotel, during my time living in London. When my family and I relocated back to the states I wanted to bring a bit of that London chic-ness to our rather traditional home in Massachusetts. Aside from just London, my travels around the world and my experiences in the industry have influenced me so much when it comes to interiors. It also acts as such a great conversation piece when hosting dinner parties.

My previous dining room - Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Chocolate brown silk wallpaper by Fromental and a collection of antique Empoli glass lanterns hung as the chandelier above the dining table.

Set the tone...

Lighting your candles, starting the music, and dimming the lights sets the mood for the event. Grab some florals at the super market and create your own arrangements. If you really want to go that extra mile, buy some cardstock from the craft store and hand write your guests names for place cards. Something so simple can make guests instantly feel welcomed and special. I always use candlelight on the dinner table after 6 pm, it makes the room feel intimate!

Dinner event hosted by Schumacher

at Beacon Hill Books and Cafe

Create your signature cocktail & provide easy apps...

First, consider what spirits your guests would enjoy. You should always pair the spirit base with a seasonal ingredient or two. Try adding one or two other ingredients, soda water or an aperitif are my usual easy “go - to’s” It doesn’t need to be complicated to be tasty.
Lastly, finish with a fun garnish and come up with a great name! For apps, I always find salmon gravlax, crudite and cheese boards are an easy app to assemble and eat. Pick something that pairs well with whatever spirit you’re serving.

Friday office cheese board Scott with an espresso martini Eliza's cheeseboard

Lastly. enjoy yourself!

People dread hosting because they're usually too busy making sure everyone is settled. If you take these few easy hacks and prepare ahead of time, it will allow guests to help themselves and allow YOU to also enjoy entertaining in your space.

Fully stocked drinks tray at our Nantucket Captains' House bar.


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